More About Lachezar

Hey there! I’m Lachezar Arabadzhiev and for the past five years I have helped companies harness the power of data in a variety of ways to drive business growth and innovation. I began my career as a digital marketer at Microsoft, but soon transitioned to the audience and analytics world, where I had the opportunity to work with major brands including Air Canada, RBC, Walmart, Kimberly-Clark, Nintendo, Mazda and HSBC. 

Throughout all that time, I always loved teaching and developing learning programs for my fellow colleagues and friends. That passion materialized in early 2021 in the form of a brand new eLearning company that I started.

I am currently the Founder and CEO of SkildLabs, where I help companies and individuals build better learning experiences through the power of education. With SkildLabs, I believe we have the ability to empower students globally and create more interactive learning experiences. How? By combining the learning tools already available and a better method for organizing learning experiences.

What about Google Data Studio?

I have been working with the Google Data Studio beta since early 2017 and have built a wide variety of visualizations and automation flows. From performance-based dashboards with joined GMP sources (GA360, CM and DV360) to audience-driven segmented views with log-level data. In addition, I am a DV360 expert having ran the audience strategy for the programmatic media unit at RBC.

I am also a certified GMP expert and an official speaker at the Canadian Google Data & Analytics Summit, 2018. In addition, I am a best-selling author on the Udemy and Udemy for Business platforms. As well as a LinkedIn Learning Instructor covering visual storytelling with Canva.

Do you want to connect with Lachezar?

For any cool projects, start-up ideas or eLearning discussions, feel free to DM me on LinkedIn. For more Data Studio content subscribe to my newsletter.