How Do you Create Websites with Canva?

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It is no secret that Canva has gone through an incredible transformation as a product, and I am always surprised by the new ways their visual worksuite can be used to empower people around the globe and across industries!

This is why, I wanted to cover a less-known product/format that Canva recently launched publicly, as I think the possibilities are endless.

The product/format is “Canva Websites” 🎊

In this new LinkedIn Learning course, you will learn how to use Canva to quickly create, customize, and publish a website that renders beautifully on a variety of devices and screen sizes.

Whether you’re creating a website for your small business or a professional portfolio/online resume for yourself, this course can help you quickly build an online space that tells your story.

Building Responsive Websites with Canva

Create websites in the digital era from Building Responsive Websites with Canva by Lachezar Arabadzhiev

The Curriculum


  • Storytelling stands the test of time
  • Why are stories important?

Telling Visionary Stories

  • Being a genuine storyteller and person
  • Consistency and practice make almost perfect
  • Building and guiding a narrative

Audience Analysis and Exploration

  • Understanding your audience
  • Layered exploration in three degrees
  • Creating meaningful connections
  • Optimizing for retention

Building Your Narrative with a Storyboard

  • What is a storyboard?
  • Show, don’t tell
  • Navigating the elements of a storyboard
  • Aligning text and visuals
  • Building a visually expressive narrative
  • Presenting your storyboard

Storytelling + Storyboard = Action

  • Vlog or YouTube video
  • Business or agency pitch
  • Data visualization and reporting


  • Next steps

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