Data Studio Marketing Templates

Often, we want to pulse-check campaign performance or slice our digital media data in a particular way and we want that to happen fast. Therefore, having useful dashboard templates that can kick-off our exploratory research is important. In this section of the website, I am going to share with you my favourite templates for the Google Marketing Platform. There are a lot of awesome dashboard templates in the Google Data Studio Gallery and around the web, but sometimes I find they can be quite hidden. The data studio templates list below will continuously grow, so keep an eye on it! Suggestions are always welcomed too!

Summary: Data Studio Templates

1. Display & Video 360 Performance Dashboard
2. Display & Video 360 Inventory Dashboard
3. Search Ads 360 Performance Dashboard
4. YouTube for Action Google Performance Dashboard
5. Google Ads Demographic Performance Dashboard
6. Google Ads Search Query Performance
7. Google Cloud Platform Cost Pacing Dashboard
8. SEO Performance and Backlinks Dashboard
9. Chrome UX Report (CrUX) Dashboard

Display & Video 360 Performance Dashboard

display and video 360 performance dashboard

This dashboard is fairly simple, but it does the job when you want to see campaign performance right away. You can see the standard impressions, clicks and CTR metrics, both as scorecards and time series. Plus, there is a split between click and view-through conversions, which is quite insightful, especially if you are running multiple campaigns under a single advertiser. A quick call out for the Display and Video 360 (DV360) beginners, “Revenue (Advertiser Currency)” is essentially your media spend.

Display & Video 360 Inventory Dashboard

Display & Video 360 Inventory Dashboard

This is a template that I personally put together and it is meant for anyone in the programmatic space, especially DV360 users. The report is fully automated and uses the DV360 direct connector in Data Studio. If you want to explore further, you can also see my guide on how to automate DV360 inventory reporting.

Search Ads 360 Performance Dashboard

Search Ads 360 Performance Dashboard

The Search Ads 360 (SA360) dashboard is a bit more comprehensive than the DV360 one. The overview page includes conversions, revenue and ROAS as metrics and it has an e-commerce focus. There is also a device breakdown page and what a view of what is referring to as “Engine Performance” i.e. how are Bing and Google Search ads spending and performing.

youtube dashboard in google data studio

This dashboard specifically focuses on your YouTube/Trueview for Action campaigns within Google Ads. Since this is a popular campaign type for hybrid acquisition via video, the dashboard proves to be useful by displaying both conversion and video view metrics.

data studio templates for demographics

Every digital marketing campaign has an audience component and knowing your demographics can help you prepare for the next campaign. This dashboard provides you with the essentials – Age, Gender, Parental Status breakdowns. Also, in case you want to clean up the default Age dimenion to something more presentable, I have written a CASE statement for that.

data studio templates for search query performance

This is a straight-forward keyword dashboard for Google Ads. If you running a search campaign for the first time, this dashboard can give you a sense of your top-performing keywords. Plus, show you the period/period comparison in a scorecard format.

Google Cloud Platform Cost Pacing Dashboard

gcp cost summary dashboard in dark

This is a comprehensive pacing dashboard that uses the Google Cloud Platform usage costs as a data source. However, the dashboard has multiple pages that can be re-purposed for advertising campaigns, annual marketing budget tracking and more.

SEO Performance and Backlinks Dashboard

seo report template from semrush

A great SEO dashboard from the SEMRush team that covers backlinks, organic traffic and queries. Plus, there is a bonus technical SEO section, so this is a must-use if you are creating content.

Chrome UX Report (CrUX) Dashboard

data studio templates for core web vitals

An incredibly useful dashboard created by the Google team themselves for monitoring technical SEO. The dashboard provides a view into the “Core Web Vitals”, which are critical to your website user experience.

I hope this helpful! I will keep updating this list with more insightful data studio templates! If you have any questions, feel free to DM me on LinkedIn or comment below.