Whimsical: A Journey Into Visual Collaboration


📢BIG NEWS: Super excited to announce our new LinkedIn Learning course covering the field of visual collaboration using Whimsical is now LIVE!

This course goes a bit deeper into an area that our other courses also touched on, namely visual collaboration. A topic that is super dear to my heart. As we all can agree, remote work and virtual interactions are here to stay, but being able to truly express your ideas and engage with team members globally can be difficult to master.

As such, I wanted to create a course that tackles some of those challenges. The course is taught through the medium of Whimsical, a visual workspace for thinking and collaboration, that allows you to build flowcharts, wireframes, mind maps and so much more.

Learning Whimsical

As an executive, manager, stakeholder, or UX designer, you need robust tools for remote collaboration. Do you want to discover what Whimsical can do?

In this course, expert Lachezar Arabadzhiev demonstrates how to use Whimsical for remote collaboration and brainstorming. Lachezar shows you how to navigate the UI, create a board, and use the available controls. He walks you through flowcharts, wireframes, and projects (formerly sticky notes). He also explains mind maps and docs.

Lachezar goes over ways you can use Whimsical to manage a workspace, collaborate with others, and share your boards and visual creations. Plus, he describes how you can use voting and commenting to engage your audience.

The Curriculum for Learning Whimsical


Board Modes and Commands

Workspace Management and Collaboration


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